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The reason that the Pilgrims (and other seafaring folk) could absolutely not run out of beer is because the beer they had on board was spruce beer. Spruce beer was their only source of vitamin C, which staved off scurvy. Without the beer, the scurvy would've killed them.
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I use FF, but when I want to forward a Neatorama link to friends, I can't assume they are using or force them to use FF. I've gotten many complaints from those friends that the Neatorama links take so long to load (or don't load fully at all), that I find myself sending them the original link with the copy/pasted Neatorama entry copy. It's a bummer, because I want to give props to Neatorama and get more people to read it!
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I have two. The old one that I might abandon is

New one is more cooking related:
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We bought one of these for our cats about four years ago and they never ever touched it, except to lick off the catnip. Lisa is on the mark here--the box was more fun!
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I have a video tape chockfull of these episodes! Greatest trippy "kids" tv show ever! Also, the theme song will be stuck in your head for days on end.
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I have to add here that somewhere out there is the never-aired version of "A Tale of Two Kitties" in which the cat is giving the camera the bird while addressing the Hays Office! I saw it once on a show about censorship. The Warner crowd made many unaired versions of cartoons of that nature for their own amusement.
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