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@purefog, I said it's the shortest time onscreen to ever win a LEAD actor/actress statue. Both of the people you mentioned won supporting role Oscars.
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@Frau - I checked the Upcoming Queue before I posted and didn't see it there... it must have gotten voted off of the page already. I just wanted you to know that I wasn't stealing your post from you, but we must think similar things are neat. The contents of Michael Jackson's House of Horrors up for sale? Come On!! :)
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Well, without getting too explicit (family blog!!), a lot of his other letters talk about other things he loves about his Nora, like the "little brown stain on the seat of your white drawers," so I'm assuming it wasn't just a passing joke.
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@Staxeon - If I recall, he really didn't have that much to say about it. All I remember is that he questioned at the time, and STILL questions, whether the pie-eating contest was the right story for Gordie to tell. He thought that Gordie maybe would have told a more serious, mature story, even though he was only 12.
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@geekazoid: I tried, I really tried... even though there were plenty of stupid moments between that opening fridge sequence and the monkey sequence, I was trying to keep an open mind and was still giving it a chance. It was the monkey sequence when I just couldn't do it any more and admitted to myself the whole thing sucked pretty bad.

Sigh. Everything after that just got progressively worse.
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@ craig - very first episode, when Locke smiles and we see a mouthful of Orange peel :)

@Shanessa - wow! You *really* go all out! That's awesome. I bet your guests had a blast!
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