If Movie Posters Were More Honest

I really hated Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, so I particularly liked this one. Anyway, Holy Taco is sick of being lied to, so they created some movie posters they felt were more accurate than the advertisements you see. Check out the link for more posters, including Sex and the City, Shrek 3, Transformers and Tropic Thunder.


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I have the Indiana Jones poster up in my apartment, and I really wish I had this modified one instead. But if I started going on about George Lucas, I could be here for a while...

I think my favorite was Gran Torino. And it totally never occurred to me that Tropic Thunder was like Three Amigos... how did I miss that one?
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@geekazoid: I tried, I really tried... even though there were plenty of stupid moments between that opening fridge sequence and the monkey sequence, I was trying to keep an open mind and was still giving it a chance. It was the monkey sequence when I just couldn't do it any more and admitted to myself the whole thing sucked pretty bad.

Sigh. Everything after that just got progressively worse.
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Thank you Stacy, Indy 4 was an abomination to film kind, period, especially since the first one I consider the greatest ever made. Just like other relatively recent geeorge lucas offerings, he has sapped the soul out of his films with overreliance on computer graphics. Funny how they picked that refrigerator nuclear blast scene as one of the worst of the year, so many others to pick from, including that monkey sequence through the trees, WTF.
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Alot of those posters were right on the money, specially w/ the Indiana Jones movie. Good lord it was AWFUL.

I do have to disagree with the Transformers one though. I love that movie and think it was great! Sure it's not some deep movie, but it's not totally brainless entertainment.. :P lol
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I've seen just enough of the latest Indy movie to know it'd be a waste of my time. The climactic scene looked like something straight out of an Ed Wood movie, only less funny. Thank you, Walmart Electronics Department Preview Television, for preventing me from wasting forty bucks!

Georgie needs to retire before he commits cinematic suicide!

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