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Having worked with severely autistic children for nearly 6 years, I'm a little skeptical as well. I've heard some people spin some pretty crazy facilitated comm stories. Amazing if this is true though. I'm surprised that a computer works so well where picture symbols and sign language fails (assuming they tried those paths first).
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I've tried it once before in Korea. They actually chopped it up into little pieces before they served it, but it keeps moving for about 2 hours afterwards. I wouldn't call it tasty, but I wouldn't call it disgusting either. It didn't have much flavour, I had to dip it in a lot of hot sauce. But it was definitely interesting. Gave a whole new meaning to "sticks to the roof of your mouth". Anyone ever see that scene from Old Boy? That was real live octopus as well. Crazy Koreans, one moment, they're being all cute singing Hey Jude in a diaper, next they're chowing down live animals...
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Forget MY kid being like that someday, I want to BE that kid someday. Singing in diapers all day long, and with a singing voice 10 times better than I have now...that'd be the life. Oh well, being Korean, maybe I'm half way there.
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