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Reminds me of the Mindy and Buttons cartoons from Animaniacs (general interaction paraphrased below):

Mindy (to Mom): Hi Lady!
Mom: Stay here, be good, and call me Mom.
Mindy: Okay Lady, I love you. Bye Bye!
Mom (muttering to herself): That kid is going to put me in therapy.
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Now they've opened the door for Grammys for video game songs, it's too bad they probably won't go back and give one to "Still Alive" from Portal by Jonathon Coulton. That is a great song that fits the video game it is in perfectly.
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It's somewhat unclear, but one interpretation of the ending of "Swimming Pool" (2003) fits this theme. That movie didn't make it explicit with flashbacks, so it's left up to the viewer to decide.

As previously noted, "A Beautiful Mind" does fit this as well.
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Flying without ID isn't illegal, but generally very hard to do and impossible if you're late for your flight (as this guy seems to have been). In fact, disallowing someone just based on a lack of ID may be illegal as per some Supreme Court cases, though I believe the TSA interprets those cases slightly differently than everyone else.

If you are flying without an ID, plan to get to the airport extremely early and be prepared for extensive questioning and searches of both your person and any baggage.
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What a bummer. You can't actually rate it an 11, the max you can give it is still only 10. What happens when you need to rate it higher and you're already at 10?
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I'd have to nominate Anna Karenina and Count Alexei Vronsky from Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. Like many of the romantic characters on the list, these two get pretty insufferable at times.
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