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I grew up in the south and we always had chicken dressing that was served along side of a turkey and sometimes a ham too. The chicken dressing has cornbread, onions, celery, chicken stock, sage, butter, pepper, and of course meat from an entire chicken or two, depending on how many of the relatives were planning on getting together.
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I loved this song when it first came out, then the local radio stations ruined it for me by over playing it, but after watching these 3 cover videos I think I'm back to loving it again.
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I haven't visited Neatorama for a few days and I was scrolling down rather quickly through the posts trying to get caught up. I see this cartoon and just a little below this post is the picture of the Funeral Jambalaya. My mind connected those two in the most disgusting of ways.
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I feel like the kid got punished twice here, both by having their answer marked wrong and by not not using this golden opportunity to teach the student what gasses are in farts by providing the list that you gave from Wikipedia.
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