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Yellow Kid wasn't a comic book, it was a comic strip. Putting that and "Seduction of the Innocent" on that list is liking making a lit of your most important TV Shows and adding Citizen Kane and the Bible to the list.
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Nah they knew how to build 'em back then. Probably breaks down less. Even when he does have to pay to have it fixed he can spend some of the money he saved for not having bought a in nearly 70 years.
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I got an 18, but there are some places not listed that are a lot closer than places that they do list. IE the grocery store is a lot closer than the library.
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I used to work at an Asian grocery store and we had Lipovitan there, and I only drank that when I was REALLY wiped out. I've never even tried Red Bull, go figure.
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Did anyone actually read the story? The say they are still testing it, but it doesn't release spores to trigger allergies, and they are continuing testing to see how it degrades from moisture and such. I could care less if it is eco-friendly. I was more concerned with the low cost it has.

So next time people lets actually READ what it is about, instead of just flying off the handle into tirades.
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