26 Important Comic Books

Whether you are new to the world of comic books or a regular reader, certain classics of the genre should be read by every comic book enthusiast.
Sure, it may seem silly, but, comic books mean something. Soldiers used dog-eared copies of Captain America to keep their spirits up in WWII. The Green Lantern and Green Arrow made kids actually think about issues like racism and heroin. And millions gasped when they heard the news that Superman died. In fact, the vibrant medium is so often pegged as children’s pulp, or fun for the feeble-minded, that people tend to forget that comics have actually grown with and continued to reflect the spirit of our times.

mental_floss takes a look at 26 groundbreaking or otherwise important comics you ought to be familiar with -if you can find them! How many have you read? Link

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Yellow Kid wasn't a comic book, it was a comic strip. Putting that and "Seduction of the Innocent" on that list is liking making a lit of your most important TV Shows and adding Citizen Kane and the Bible to the list.
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Their "Outside The Mainstream" section includes Spiderman and Superman??? Some other choices are questionably "important" too.

Happy to see Maus tho.
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They left Watchmen off...and mentioning at the end that they left it off with no explanation is pointless. A list of important comic books is going to leave off the only Graphic novel to ever win a Hugo award and get a place on Time's 100 best English-language novels? It was the graphic novel that even my friends who don't read comics read.

I felt the list overall leant too much towards the American comic industry with one token Manga....
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