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David Shankbone,

you are a wuss.
You'd probably condone Hitler.
This PETA lady is insane.
Don't compare animals to humans.
animals can lick their own privates and
eat their own poo.
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I was raised to listen and obey my parents. Parents these days are too damn wussy to discipline their kids. But on the other hand, I hate it when they strap a baby leash on their child at the mall and call that "discipline". If you raise them good, you don't have to put a leash on them.
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And to secret asian man, commentor #41, You said "White people are crazy!", you racist jerk! There's a black girl at my office who is into that stupid PETA crap. Go eat your BBQ cat, and keep your mouth shut. You must have meant to type, "White peopre ale Clazy!"
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Yes, this is not only a crazy moon bat, she's a dumbf*ck. Incidentally, this has got to be the one true religion of hypocrisy and hate.

If humans are "Animals" then we are only following our natural instinct, eating other smaller and sometimes larger, very tasty animals.

Her statements about giving birth are proof of mental affliction. All you PETA people, go eat your tree bark and shut the f*ck up!
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I used to live in Louisiana. The key being "used to".
I was on the border of Louisiana and Texas, in a town called "Shreveport". Shreveport and the Texas border towns are sickening when it comes to racism and mistreatment of anyone not white. I'm white. I saw too many black people get pushed around. It's still 1860 down there. Texas sucks! Louisiana sucks!
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He's Dead! Get over it! The only people glorifying this loser are stupid white kids! I know for a fact because my brother-in-law has a huge poster of Che, and I also lived in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Williamsburg, Brooklyn is filled with spoiled, Trust Fund-hipster-brats-never had a job-never bathing-good for nothing-wimpy-white kids. They all worship that communist murderer. By the way, I can say white this and that. I'm white. Stupid white kids.
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She's Brilliant!! She should have been Vice President at least. It's all about Change!!! Change this crap! We bailed out these @$$holes and they give out bonuses for people who consistently SCREW UP! I swear this is one of the smartest if only the smartest politician ever! And to the people reading this who are scared, this isn't communism. You obviously did not make above 400,000 dollars this year. My taxes went to these creeps! I want revenge! Read what the Senator said, and this time pay attention, if a company receives MY MONEY, AND YOUR MONEY to bailout their FAILURE, they should have their @$$es owned by ME, YOU, and the FED!
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To: "that.other.guy"
About the NY Times article...
...proof that the Russians can't even run an oil company large enough to rival, ExxonMobil. Essentially, they can't get their mouths away from the Smirnoff bottle long enough to think straight let alone make an accurate predection, based on facts.
They would be so very badly boned if we (USA) failed.
Let me remind some of you who might be too young to remember, the Ruskies had bread lines in the 1980's. For God's sake, they didn't even have toilet paper. Vladamir Putin is a bond villan reject, and he knows it. l?_r=1&hp=&adxnnl=1&adxnnlx=1230605707-8HlI4rTsGm9S67BVGI0C1Q
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