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I'm just wondering how many peacocks were killed to make this? Unless the feathers are just plucked out from the peacocks like how they remove wool from sheep...

The dress is quite ugly though...the effort didn't really pay off.
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Oh god...exactly who are they competing with? There are far cuter japanese girls out there than these three...

They should just send some JE boys XD because those boys actually have a huge fanbase AND they're cuter than these girls
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And that is why I read fantasy, not science fiction... it's so much easier to explain all the strange crap ("Of course there's no logical explanation for this, it's magic!").
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Neat Stuff! I don't get why there are people saying its creepy...there are much uglier things that have been posted here...
And...am I the only one who noticed V6 on the insert video? Seeing JE bands on a popular American blog makes me kinda happy.
V6 is a Japanese music group, btw.
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