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We hosted a small pillow fight in Cape Town. Was awesome!

New York hit over 5k people! That's crazy cleanup... I reckon anything under 1k is do-able in terms of cleanup. But I can see how 5000 people are a bit difficult to clean up after. Thus the importance of proper organization and responsible event management.
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I tend to disagree with this. Not completely, obviously renting does have it's particular benefits over owning, but it really does depend on your ultimate goals.

If you're buying for investment purposes, property is a much more stable investment long term than stock market is. Yes we're finding ourselves in a slump, and yes housing is crashing, but property does not devalue at the same rate as stocks do. Stock market is great for higher returns in short- to medium-terms, but it's volatility makes it a riskier playing field for long-term investment.

Also, when is the best time to scoop up an investment? When there's a market crash of course. So in fact, this is the optimum time to purchase a house, especially if it's been repossessed. Ask Robert Kyosaki ;)
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Head-Banging makes you retarded and doesn't help intelligence? What bull... I personally consider metalheads to be some of the more intelligent people on the planet. I'm a metalhead with an IQ of 134, headbanging every weekend for almost 10 years now. Don't think it's made me stupid or retarded (that was thanks to smoking pot and taking weird drugs my whole life...)
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Ok, so I didn't feel like reading EVERYONE's posts... seeing as there were so many of them... but I work in the Charity Sector in Africa, and I deal with this every day...

The truth is this: Africa doesn't need food... it's not a shortage of food that is a problem (yes, in certain areas like Ethiopia it's necessary)... the issue is that Africans have lost their culture to do things for themselves. I think to a great extent this is because people have come and given instead of taught. The old chinese proverb is well illustrated here in Africa... we give to them to feed them, but never teach them to grow, to plan, to strategize. The end result is fed tummies today, hungry minds tomorrow.

Now move look at it from a different perspective, as an African. Here you are in Nigeria, where you hardly have any chance of getting employed. Food isn't particularly scarce, as you can grow veggies or fish for food... so you cruise down to your local fishing spot to pick up some lil' ones for dinner... BANG, suddenly there's this big-ass oil refinery fenced off where you always fished... where did this come from? now suddenly this "Shell" has introduced something called a Cell phone? And it costs less than my groceries? And these "casettes and CDs"? What are these wonderful things? Wow... and all this to take the oil from my land? Sure... take away! Oh, but what if you leave... what then? So you leave us with no resources, you've polluted our water, and given us blank cd's and the remnants of the MTV generation.

Let's be honest here... Helping Africa help itself is the way to go, but up till today the only reason why anyone has shown ANY interest in Africa has been due to it's wealth of resources and minerals. The Corporations and Governments (US, China, UK, etc) have been plundering the continent like the savage pirates they are... leaving nothing behind but old Nike's, satellite dishes and cheap cellphones. Africa cannot save itself because the trade agreements with China secure cheap goods to flood our market... this means that locally produced goods have no where to go...

So before anyone points fingers as to whether Africa should or shouldn't be helped, let's first ask whether our INTENTIONS for helping Africa, and even our METHODS, are sincere.
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Actually, this animal is known as a Kwagga, and is actually extinct. Currently there is a process underway to try and revive the species, but they've not wholly succeeded yet... The Kwagga was found throughout Southern Africa in the late 1800's...

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