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In Alberta, nearly every beverage container requires a deposit, including milk and juice containers. All of these can be returned to a bottle depot for refunds. We see people looking through garbage cans, recyle bins, and dumpsters for empties to take back. One presumes most of them are homeless, and/or jobless. I guess it keeps the items out of the landfills (although we do have an excellent recycling/composting program in Edmonton) and provides some cash for those willing to do what it takes to recover them.
Even when I was a kid back in the 70's, we had this. We were horrified when we went to the States and saw all the glass bottles littering the highways.
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Isn't that the girl that used to host Anglophenia? So she's doing" Canadian" accents now?

As a Canadian, I'm certainly not offended, but it's quite unoriginal...
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I think there are more cats because people treat them as disposable pets. Moving? Leave your cat behind, it can fend for itself. Under the free section in the online classified ads, there are more free cats than old tv units and tatty armchairs combined. Oooh, our cat had kittens, isn't that adorable? Who wants one? We will just let our unspayed kitties wander the neighbourhood to poop in your flowerbeds and yowl under your bedroom window all night.
Now you may think I don't like cats, but I do, very much. It's irresponsible owners that annoy me. (oh yes, it applies to dog owners too, but to a lesser degree)
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I love little black dogs! My current and last pooch were black. While a good picture is not always easy (you need good lighting), there is no doubt as to their expressions! If my dog weren't anti-cat, I'd have a tuxedo kitty too.
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This only applies to cash transactions. If you pay by debit or credit card, there is no rounding. Debit is used here probably more often than cash. Rounding might be marginally beneficial to smaller businesses, but nobody's going to get rich! On the plus side, there is less waiting for the person in front of you to search all their pockets for 4 pennies!
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Canadians don't eat grape jelly, unless it's for the novelty at Smitty's. (Or drink grape juice). We do eat crabapple jelly that our grandmother made. Or raspberry jam.
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Our school district doesn't have snow days (in AB Canada). Sometimes the buses don't run because it's too cold for the diesel engines (-35 C). In 20 years I don't ever remember them not running because of snow. But then we are equipped to the hilt for winter! But the schools never close, because some kids will always show up.
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