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Group Jump Rope Routine

These are year 6 students at a school in Japan showing off a jump rope routine. Not a one of them gets tangled up in the rope, and no one falls. That alone is remarkable, but wait until you see how they do it.  

(YouTube link)

As far as I can tell, there’s about 60 kids here, and they all jump rope together in groups of four to six kids, with no pauses in between ever. This video was originally posted to Facebook by the Fuji Jump Rope Association. -via the Presurfer

Starfish Tries to Steal Fish's Cave

(Video Link)

The industrious mudskipper is building a home. He sucks in mouthfuls of sand, then spits them out away from the rock. Soon, a cozy cave forms.

The starfish thinks that he can simply take the house away. It's just a matter of sliding in, like your friend who invites himself over to your house and then won't leave, even when you put on your pajamas and get ready for bed.

-via Tastefully Offensive

Watermelon Experiment Gone Wrong

A few years ago, we showed you that if you put enough rubber bands around a watermelon, it will eventually explode, although it may take hundreds of rubber bands to do it.  

(YouTube link)

The Slow Mo Guys made it a sensation. A lot of other people have tried this “experiment” in the years since, but for some reason, these young fellows were allowed to do it inside the house. What could possibly go wrong? -via Uproxx

Beer, Barbecue, and Babies: The Dad Shower

More and more men are throwing baby showers for expectant dads. It sounds like a great idea, where a man’s friends can provide diapers and other baby gifts, share some advice on fatherhood, and generally celebrate the impending arrival. These parties often include cookouts, beer, and maybe even games. The photo above shows three expectant fathers in a diaper-changing competition at their dad shower, or "dadchelor party." See more on this phenomenon at Buzzfeed.

Fox Steals Golfer's Wallet

(Video Link)

We've seen foxes steal golf balls before. It's good sport, but foxes can't use golf balls to pay rent and gambling debts. So this fox at the County Louth Golf Club in Baltray, Ireland sneaked up to a golfer's bag, grabbed his wallet, and took off running.

The owner gave chase and the fox had to drop the wallet to escape. Of course, it would be a good idea to check the contents. A skilled pickpocket may pocket the cash while dropping the actual wallet in order to convince a victim to stop chasing him.

Swiper, no swiping!

Content warning for the video: foul language.

Serious News Broadcast Interrupted by Dog on a Riding Lawnmower

(Video Link)

A news crew from KYTX CBS 19 News went out to survey and report on the damage caused by a tornado in Malakoff, Texas. Reporter Andrea Martinez was ready to deliver a solemn report when she was interrupted by a hilarious sight: a Labrador sitting on a riding lawnmower (auto-start video).

The station later reported that he charges $30 per hour for lawn service. Sorry, but that's why I had kids.

-via Lost at E Minor

Life With an 8 Foot Tall Dog

Many of us remember reading about Clifford the Big Red Dog when we were kids and longing for a monstrously huge dog friend of our own. But the problem with Clifford was that he was quite possibly too big -he couldn't even fit in your house.

But Juji, on the other hand, is just the right size. He's big enough to ride on -like a horse, but still small enough to fit on a couch (though just barely). 

Juji was adopted by Christopher Cline and his girlfriend when Chris was going through a hard time. The pup brightened his spirits and soon enough, he started Photoshoping his regular-sized goldendoodle as a jumbo-sized pooch and the results are pretty much amazing.

You can keep up with Christopher and Juji's pictures over on Chris' Instagram.

Via Design You Trust

Never Give Up

(YouTube link)

In this kindergarten gymnastics recital, a young boy attempts to clear the vault. He fails. And fails again. But he keeps trying, and eventually breaks into tears. Still not giving up. But he gets an encouraging cheer from his fellow students (“You can do it!”) and that makes all the difference. -via reddit

Back in My Day

Oh yeah, everyone likes to talk about how things were different back in the day, when the world made sense, when we were young and so much more aware of everything. It’s the same for every generation, and will always be so. John McNamee at Pie Comic illustrates how ridiculous some those rants can be. And get off my lawn!

Soda Hair

(Photo: unknown)

This clever girl has poured herself a cup of A&W brand cream soda. It flows out of the bottle as smoothly as well-conditioned hair.

I should try this on my own daughters' hair (while my wife is not at home). But to top this unknown girl's accomplishment, I'll do it with a 2-liter bottle.

-via Geekologie

Actual Job: Cheese Librarian

(Photo: Iain Cameron)

The American Cheese Society calls the position "Content Manager." But dig into the job description and you'll see that the organization wants a librarian:


Four-year accredited Bachelor’s degree with preference for degrees in library science/digital library science. MLS preferred

MLS stands for Master of Library Science, the standard degree that credentials a librarian in the United States.

There's a lengthy description of the typical job duties, most of which are not directly related to the consumption of cheese. But I'm not taking any chances. If I'm going to be ready for the interview, then I need to eat a lot of cheese.

-via Amanda Brennan

Little Boy Ruins Wedding Procession in the Most Hilarious Way Possible

(Video Link)

Tanya Malone, the bride, marched up the aisle with her escort at a church in Lucan, County Dublin, Ireland. Her beautiful gown flowed behind her with a billowing train.

A little boy in attendance understood perfectly why she had chosen that particular gown and acted accordingly.

Thus a new wedding tradition was born.

-via Pleated Jeans

Max is Disappointed

(YouTube link)

Max’s parents pulled the old bait-and-switch. They told him they were going to a broccoli farm, and at the last minute he found out that the trip was to the circus instead. You can’t blame the little guy for being disappointed! Half the enjoyment of an outing is the anticipation, and that goes double when you’re four years old. That’s why you should never mislead kids in this way. Or this way. Now I want to go to a broccoli farm.   -via Viral Viral Videos

Cat Helps Dog Escape Pen

(Video Link)

The poor puppy was trapped in his pen, unable to escape. Her friend, Sriracha the cat, considered getting a map of the prison tattooed on her body, then committing a crime and getting sent to the same pen in order to break her out.

But then she realized that a simpler solution was to hold down the fabric frame so that the dog could escape. It worked! But it's still a felony.

-via Tastefully Offensive

Hungarian Cookie Art

(YouTube link

Hungarian artist Mézesmanna is an master with royal icing as a medium. Here, she takes a cookie and turns it into a lace basket of flowers with a deft hand and a mesmerizing style. These intricately-iced cookies, a sort of gingerbread, are a Hungarian tradition and are given as gifts and souvenirs. The original video is on Facebook. -via Sploid

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