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Your Mama's so stupid she bought a $5,000 Segway to push you around in a $50 stroller.

Dude, that doesn't even make sense.

No, when you were a baby. Like, instead of walking. Get it? Your mom, your mom's so stupid...

No, dude, I get it. It's just dumb. No one would do that.

Yeah, but, like, your mom's so dumb she actually DID though. I found this photo.

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"Yeah, this how I roll. Got my Gucci shirt, Louis pants. Momma in the back stuntin' on the Segway. Puttin' rims on soon, we both gonna be sittin on dubs. She got the Dom Perignon in the backpack right now. Feed that shit to me in a bottle, bitch! No way I make her walk. Baby be ballin'."
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Before Sally could walk and pull her mother all over Seattle in a Radioflyer, her mother pushed her in a stroller from a Segway. Surprisingly, her mother was much thinner in those days.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) dog has a myspace right now and most people think it's cute/funny, but I'm afraid switching to a social networking site entirely for animals might push me into "crazy dog lady" zone.
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