A Dalmatian On A Tricycle

I have no doubt that this will probably upset the animal rights advocates out there, but at least it will provide a little more happiness to all of you Japanophiles. That's right, it is exactly what the title post indicates, a dalmatian operating a tricycle. Personally, I love Japan.

Link Via Ohmidog!

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Yeah, I think 'theturbolemming's comment was quite reactionary and 'looking to be offended'. People have been training dogs for, well, a LONG time using positive reinforeement. Dogs often get treated as family members, and this dog was probably trained just as a child would be to use the bike. Also, have you never seen a dog doing something odd by it's own imperitive?
This guy looks like he's having a great time, if you are familair with dog body language.

However, I must say, if I say him drive by me while walking or something, that would certain suprise the heck out of me!
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theturbolemming, I think the dog's having fun. It's unleashed - doesn't even have a collar on, and it could probably outrun it's old owner, if it wanted to.
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And no one else felt a twinge of fear? I mean dogs riding bikes, how long before that dog teachers others and soon an army of dogs have taken to the streets? Not long at all, not long at all.

To anyone who would get mad at this clip - you need to learn to read animal behavior. This was a behavior undoubtedly learned through positive reinforcement. Stop flying off the handle at any picture or video of an animal, your giving the real animal lovers bad names.
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The dog was riding the bike to the research lab to turn himself in.

Why were they playing "Dixie" in the background? Because the dog is a slave of course.
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