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I'm not against this at all, but for low-carb pizza, I would do a pizza salad (baby spinach, pepperoni or sausage, fresh mozza', and a touch of red sauce or tomato pesto for 'dressing') or use Mission "Carb Balance" tortillas for crust. My friend makes his own almond-based low-carb pizza dough, but it's as labor-intensive as any bread.

I'd have the bacon-crust pizza just because!
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So... Jesus money? (Hey, it's OK, I'm Catholic. :-) BTW, registering with the parish is going to save me about $1000 off my son's tuition at the school.
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But I'll tell you what's cute: my 5 y/o son asks, "They're talking about Higgs, again?" when he hears the radio (usually NPR). We have a acquaintance/friend who is a particle physicist in a local university. I hope we can meet up with him again, so my son can get a proper explanation of Higgs. Plus, it'll be cute. And I won't have to pretend to know what the hey I'm talking about when I try to explain Higgs. My last physics experience? College physics 103/104, mechanics and electromagnetics. Pedestrian.
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surferdude69: Yeah, that's the reality that I thought the "terrible truth" would be. I read the wiki on the nuclear-holocaust backdrop of Adventure Time. Creepy and sad. But A.T. is otherwise ... ALGEBRAIC!

My 5 y/o son and I 'discovered' A.T. when we visited my wife's family overseas. *No PBS there.* That's how he found Ben 10, on the previous visit.
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Some opinions are of Vital Importance, like your doctor's: "stop smoking" or "have the surgery". In comparison, this debate is of Virtually No Importance At All. Therefore, I will continue to two-space after periods.
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