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Sounds like my Catholic Grandma

Whenever she would see us playing or being idle she would put us to work raking leaves of pulling weeds because hard work makes the devil sad.
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Well played you dirty old man...... Well Played.

It is better then what a coworker of mine did. He was 62 and married a 19 year old mail order bride (his youngest daughter from his 5 previous marriages was 38)

He now has 3 kids under the age of 5 and he is a shade under 70.
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I have never read FSOG but all I know is since my wife started the series she has been frisky as a kitten.

That right there is reason enough to put it into hotel rooms. The only thing I ever found the bible good for was squashing cockroaches.
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I take a picture of my kids in front of the same block of stone at the base of the the Giza pyramids every 5 years.

I just hope that country straightens itself out between now and 2014.
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I can vouche for this.

My family moved to a new apartment 2 weeks ago and my stay at home wife has yet to unpack a single box and is usually asleep when I get home from a long day at work.

She probably sleeps 15 hours a day at least.
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I wonder if future generations will look back at pictures of our PC notebooks and laugh their butts off like I am laughing at this monstrousity.

Look at that thing........ 55 pounds..... $20k.... and has less processing power then the calculator I had 10 years ago.

I love technology and am always in awe of how awesome and small the world has gotten. This morning I was sitting in a Starbucks here in Dubai and talking to my son who is in a small mountain town in the Philippines in real time like he was sitting right next to me. Amazingly awesome.... WAY TO GO SCIENCE.
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Bald Eagles only have white heads when they reach maturity at the age of 3-4 years. Before that age they are brown and look very similar to the Golden Eagles.

Anyways this is a prime example of the IRS being a bunch of vultures for demanding half of the value of the sculpture in taxes. The government has gotten out of control with their inheritence taxes.

Second of all that is one hideous sculpture that I don't give you half a PB&J sandwich for.
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