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i thought i was the only one that had a bad reaction to Benedryl. I can take one dose and be wonky for days. I once took some and tried to change the salt and pepper shakers but instead of just changing the tops so the larger holes were on the pepper container, I poured the pepper out and put salt in the same container. yeah it made sense at the time lol
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thanks guys for making a tribute to one of the best actresses and singers of our time. bea was a true artist of which we dont see many of these days. im a big fan of golden girls and although bea may be gone in real life she will live on in my heart as dorthy.R.I.P. bea!we love you!
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i can not believe that anyone would consider this art because it is nothing but a crazy guy that only thinks he is a great "artist". im sorry but jill you are wrong. if you consider this art then you need a reality check. real art takes hours to complete and takes something called talent. otherwise any idiot on the street could be an "artist". besides there is a way to make an eccentric statement without playing in your own shit. yes other artists have did this before but are they famous only for their poo pics, no they are not, because they actually created other non-fecal art work that had to take some kind of talent to create.
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um why would you zoom out if you possibly found a unicorn. that makes no sense to me. besides i thought that horses(which is the closesst thing to a unicorn)didnt do too well on rocky mountain sides. oh i know it flew there with magical wings lol. totally fake people!
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it's definately not a trout. could be a musky or a new type of pike.these are the only 2 fish i could think of that had teeth like that or even slightly resembled it.
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