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And yet, they do and have time to mingle with zoologists and think outside the box and accomplish these things. This is a pretty intense terrain to maneuver with prosthetics and garner some results for that and regular wearers.
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How about cicada as a flavour. Yes, when the ten year brood came around one year, a local ice cream maker, Sparky's, created cicada ice cream and it sold out.
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As the probe leaves the solar system, taking Tombaugh's ashes with it, and in 4 billion years when our sun swells and envelops the planets, Clyde Tombaugh will be one of the few human remnants to exist unless we have migrated to the stars as well.
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The Kenyan Kalenjin people are a large percentage of the record breakers within long distance runners, partly due to their body form which has evolved from living in a hot climate and developing a method by which to cool it. Another portion is cultural, which is being less frequently exercised. Traditionally, both men and women underwent rites of passage which includes crawling nearly naked through stinging nettles, having the shins beat upon, being circumcised with a sharp pointed stick, and running everywhere. Reproductive preferences side with those who have undergone the rituals with those who had not being seen as "not quite a man/woman."
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Over a certain velocity of a car or aircraft, birds cannot distinguish the speed of a vehicle in order to get out of the way.http://wtop.com/science/2015/01/birds-badly-misjudge-speed-cars-planes/
However, other research had determined that they were able to learn that certain highways have higher speeds and so they take off further away from cars in these areas in order to account for their lack of interpretation of the car's speed.
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Radiolab had a segment recently about Pinta Island tortoises and it had been discovered that on another island the Pinta island genetic markers existed within that island's tortoises. It is possible to bring back the Pinta Island tortoise by selectively breeding each generation for an increase of the Pinta Island genome.
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Thankfully it isn't a moose. Bill Bryson wrote in his readiness to walk the Appalachian Trail that there were reports of moose being infected with equine encephalitis that would just run down people because of the way the virus had debilitated them.
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