Man Uses Custom Prosthetics in His Quest to Live as a Goat

(Photo: Tom Bowditch)

He's living the dream, I tell you. None of us have come as close to the full goat lifestyle. But there he is, beside his caprine brothers and sisters, eating grass on a steep hillside.

Thomas Thwaites is an artist in London. In the past, he attempted to build a toaster from scratch. That's no small effort, since his starting point was personally mining and smelting the iron.

As you might expect, this project inevitably led him to attempt to live as a goat. He explained to the Daily Mail that this animal-inspired lifestyle could offer people an alternative to a future of cybernetics:

Thwaites, who is interested in transhumanism, believes not everyone will want to become a cyborg in the future.

Biorobotics, he told Motherboad, could be used by people to de-volve instead of evolve.

‘I initially wanted to be an elephant, but it wasn’t going very well,’ said Thwaites. ‘I visited a shaman, and she said “you’re an idiot”. So, I decided to be a goat.’

Thwaites worked with a zoologist to develop the custom prothetic limbs. He's now attempting to cross the Alps with a particular herd of goats.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

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Without knowing anything about the man and his situation (but will be reading the links), let me suggest that mining and smelting does not need anything expensive nor complicated.

As for the expensive robotics, if he were charming and committed, there are any number of scientists and engineers who would gladly contribute to a madman who wants to test their designs.
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And yet, they do and have time to mingle with zoologists and think outside the box and accomplish these things. This is a pretty intense terrain to maneuver with prosthetics and garner some results for that and regular wearers.
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