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It's for ensuring chairs, plates, etc. are set at the same distance when setting out formal dining. Medium Look Out Schrodinger's Cat, It's a Trap!
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No one's ever gone for four weeks? I live in the UK and started this year with 44 days leave to take. I'm every year I roll leave over to the next year as I've no great need to take it.
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Kirsten: Out of interest, why don't you use nitrogen rather than CO2? It's just as deadly but most animals don't have the metabolic pathways to start to pant/panic when they start to succumb to it. In fact, human experiments show that we'll steadfastly believe we're fairly sober and giving the right answers to questions such as "how many fingers am I holding up?" when we say "16, definitely 16."
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I'm from the UK and was seriously wondering if they were speaking English to begin with. Incidentally (for the above post..) Fil-m seems to be predominant in Northern Ireland too.
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Who eats veal anymore? :( I've no objection to eating meat (mmm bacon) however I do object to causing its short life to be full of suffering.
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Yes, it may encourage cycling, but what I'd hope would then happen would be people subsequently voluntarily wear a helmet. If you've ever come off a bike at speed, picked yourself off the ground and found your helmet snapped in half, you'll be grateful that it wasn't your skull that was smashed.

Living in one of the rare English cities where thousands cycle through the center every day, I'd like it to be law so that lights and helmets were required and said law was enforced. One of my students got so badly clipped that they're now off for weeks at a time on pain management courses. I'm not saying a helmet would have stopped it, but every little helps. If it involves fatal mistakes, I feel laws should be made to protect people from themselves.
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