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It's called a "Wheel Traveler" it is used to measure the circumference of a wheel in order to determine the length of Iron band needed to create a tire, which will then be shrunk onto the wooden frame creating a wheel.

T-shirt "LIFE" XL Military green.
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Allegedly? The Smiths of Toledo would have had no difficulty accomplishing this. Steel, being remarkably flexible could easily conform to the inner contours of this scabbard, yet still be rigid enough to be a formidable weapon. IMHO.
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Hi Neatorama,
Sometimes my Neatorama page wiggles from side to side when I stop scrolling up or down? Is this for a reason? do you even know what I'm talking about?
FYI It only happens on this web page and it doesn't happen all the time. if for instance I refresh the page the issue stops? I'm puzzled, not annoyed...and wondering if this happens to others? also If I get some sort of prize?
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