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I agree with Jay.

The "mystery" was fun for two weeks and then it was just annoying to have to wait. Plus sending everyone the same thing (STRAWZ) was a major let down. I by no means was expecting a premium item, but come on - I can get straws for free at McDonalds.

I hate to say it, but I read Neat-o-Rama WAY less now, after the disappointing mystery sale experience.

I am sure Alex has improved the process and all that, so I hope you all get something great this time around!

On the note of supporting the blog - it seems like now that the readers write most of the posts anyway, the N-o-R staff now has time to get a part time job. Just a thought. :)
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People are complaining that people are complaining.

Thank God that this is America and we can all complain as much as we want!

Straws are lame!
It's lame that you think straws are lame!


I feel like straws are my biggest inside joke right now, too bad the only people I share it with are in cyber space.

This is hilarious people! 90% of neat-o-rama readers own STRAWZ (and most of them hate it)!
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Straw liquidation sale!

Must not have been very popular in the online store...

Did anyone get a T-shirt, because they made a pretty big deal about choosing your size, even though you couldn't differentiate your gender...

I bought one mystery for myself and one for a friend. I told him about the strawz, and asked him to text me when he got home to tell me what he got... I got a photo text of a watch! I asked if he was serious, he said no, he got strawz. Waka waka!
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Yep, got the strawz kit.

Lame, lame, lame.

That's the risk you take...(which I won't take again). I have a hard time believing that this is worth $10...Plus it sounds like almost everyone got the same thing.
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