Neatorama Mystery Sale Update - 3/16/09

Hello, everyone! A few weeks ago, we had our third Mystery Sale, and the response had been overwhelming (thank you to everybody who participated!)

I know many of you are wondering where your Mystery box shipment is at. For those of you who haven't received the shipment, don't worry! We're not done shipping 'em out yet!

In fact, we've been burning the midnight oil trying to get this done (it's Friday 11:30 PM @ the warehouse when I wrote this post and scheduled it for Monday). There are only two of us here in Neato HQ, working on the store side of Neatorama, and we've been shipping packages like mad! I do, however, acknowledge that we have to improve the turnaround time for the next Mystery Sale.

Even though this sale is over, you can still get Funny Science T-shirts, fun kitchen stuff and more on Neatorama's Online Store.

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Love it or hate it, I want to point out that all your comments are welcome and published on Neatorama without any censorship.

I do listen to feedback to improve the next Mystery Sale - this was the third ever such sale, and there has been hiccups and a steep learning curve along the way.

To everyone who participated, I'd like to give you my thanks - you've helped support the blog (and I hope have a little fun along the way).

There's a thread on the Mystery Sale on the Forum (which I check quite regularly) that may explain some of the reasonings behind the sale and shipping process.
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I got the straws the other day as well, and was definitely dissapointed by the straws. I think the majority of neatorama readers are a little old for this, it reminded me of something you'd get in a Happy Meal at McDonalds.

I know its a mystery sale and you get what you get, but for next time i'd hope a little more thought would go into the prizes.
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the straws are cool.
i tried something too complex with them and coudln't get my juice through it all fast enough though. but still way cool. i'm impressed. i was looking foward to getting it even more after i found out about the straws.
best day ever.
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I just got my boxes in yesterday (3 of em, all in the same box though) AWESOME! I got Strawz, Bacon Wallet, and RACIN' GRANNIES!!!!! HAHAHAHA! They are silly...but my 14 yr. old had a blast snatching all my cool stuff from me. I settled on letting her have the bacon wallet, she said her friends were way jealous. My twin brother got a big kick out of the strawz too. THANKS NEATORAMA! This is my first Mystery Sale and I will be doing it again in the future...what a blast.
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I thought it was stuff sent to you guys as promo's and now spreading the wealth with us. Not buying a crate a of junk and sending it out to us. That is no fun.
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