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It would be one thing to refuse to serve them, but to set them up with a meal then snatch it away like that was pure theater and intended to humiliate. I think a couple of the parents need to have a chat with whoever made that decision...perhaps a bit more...
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Those are not the Buddha, but rather Budai which is a Chinese folk figure and is just a monk. They are sometimes referred to as "laughing Buddhas" and are associated with good luck.
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They are arachnids, but according to wiki:

Although superficially similar to and often confused with spiders (order Araneae), Opiliones is a distinct order that is not closely related to spiders within Arachnida.
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Anybody that's been to the gym has encountered folks like her...judgmental narcissists that spend hours every day staring at themselves in the mirror while pumping themselves up...I don't envy or admire them and have no interest in emulating them.
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Cancer from cigarette smoking and mesothelioma from asbestos inhalation are both diseases that happen due to voluntary human behavior. Why should obesity not also be considered a disease? The bottom line is getting help for people that have a health problem, not placing blame.
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I respectfully disagree. When camping, tang is invaluable for providing some citrus flavor and covering up less than perfect water. It weighs very little and mixes quickly. It's even good hot. All hail the Tang.
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