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In PA, Dauphin is pronounced "daw-fin" stress on first not "daw-fa" stress on second

And make sure to stress the first syllable for Lancaster
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I think the crux of the matter is, enjoyment of music is subjective and therefore can be influenced by a lot of things including preconceptions about the equipment being used to produce the sound. It's why cable makers were able to market ultra high cost cables that had no measurable difference in quality from average cables...the folks that bought them SWORE they made a difference.
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I guess people that believe in a literal hell would see this as just deserts...if you're going to be tortured for eternity, where you're buried is of little consequence. Personally I think it's all in rather bad taste...you snuffed them, now move on and let their families grieve.
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I think you'd be hard pressed to match the accuracy of a weed whacker for small, close-in jobs where a giant metal blade swishing through the air might be a tad overkill.
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To me it looks like this is a game they play fairly often...note the barely contained laughs of the person standing next to him...the dog is responding in virtually the same tone of voice as the yeller who is not using any bass in his voice...not a serious yell
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Most community colleges offer vocational courses. So by making them more available to people without the resources to go to either vocational school or college, you bring more opportunity for more people. Those with interests that align with the sort of work you'd get with a vocational background will be empowered as will those who wouldn't be happy in that role.
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I agree...that seems to be the trend with over the top buildings and apartments...lots of sharp edges, cold colors, hard surfaces. I have a hard time understanding how you could live comfortably in a place that has the ambiance of a stone tomb....
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The problem here is there's no consequences to the officer that does this. So they will continue to do it. You have to go to court to contest the ticket which will be thrown out...but you had to take time off from work to do it. Will you flash your lights the next time? Probably not.
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I think it's more Buddhist than Jewish...lots of concentration and visualizations and the arguments are like koans with no formal answer.
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