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How do they detect parts of microgrammes of LSD in air? Also the telegraph is the last bastion of the old school col blimp little Enlander,and this is classic Telegraph journalism-Druggy dirty Europeans and thier filthy drugged air.
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Ahch Evilpundit. If you didn't come across as a typically insecure wee punter I would think ye were a tad dangerous,but after reading the link I realise yer just a bit slow and frighted.Bless yer wee black bigoted heart.aww...
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"Oh yes, and the sentence “he would seriously get his ass kicked if he tried ANY of this in the states.” is ridiculous."- Not if you are from the States-For they are the biggest,toughest,French kangaroo kickin' dudes in the World as evidenced by their sterling performance in the world stage.
Chuck Norris is American -FACT!
SO.....It should have read "Anyone one will get their ass kicked if they try anything in any State!
Amerkay!! Kickin Asses since 1776!!
(Please remember this guy will offer an ass kicking for any one...But dont show titties at work.His boss will kick his ass));)
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Many cultures have mythologies based around giant worms,
Its a kinda Jungian archetype or A Freudian would point out that it is a big freakin cock with teeth!
Also in W.Gibsons Spook Country.
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