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Just so no one is misled, the yellow honeycomb shown above is foundation: machine-stamped beeswax that beekeepers use to guide the bees where to build comb, traditionally in rectangular frames. Click through to the slideshow to see the finished product, after the bees have modified it and built up the comb from the foundation. Freshly built comb is almost white while well-used comb is dark brown to almost black. I still love the spiral and wonder if one would have to twist it the other way in Australia?
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I like the concept, but use the interactivity+mirror more intensely: I saw the guy designing(?) a t-shirt. How about seeing yourself in an outfit, or with different hairstyles/body mods?. With controlled lighting and webcam sensors, the full doorway/alcove would also lend itself to face-to-face virtual meetings/virtual worlds. It could be a giant Iphone or a vertical Microsoft tabletop. Or maybe you just want a nice interactive background when you are looking at yourself in a mirror.
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Clever idea. Needs some editing to cut the time about in half. I realize they were working with the length of the music, but it dragged. Keeping it crisp and faster paced could "rescue" this bit of spoofery.
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