Un-Bee-lieveable Artwork

This is some incredible artwork by Hilary Berseth, and a few thousand helpers...

Artists from Rodin to Warhol to Mark Kostabi have outsourced the construction of their work. Hilary Berseth goes them one better: He constructs basic frameworks of wire and wax, then lets teams of tiny yellow-and-black art fabricators finish the job. “I knew they were ordered and regimented,” the Pennsylvania artist says about his honeybees, which built the three otherworldly sculptures on view at Eleven Rivington. “I had an intuition that I’d be able to organize that, architecturally.”

Link - via notcot

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by JKirchartz.

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ohhhhhh, i saw these in person at a gallery in soho. really nice work when you get a look-see up close. either that or someone who did the exact same thing.

btw, you should let the blog viewers know that the picture you have up is just the initial frame the artist built for the bee's, not a finished piece.
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Just so no one is misled, the yellow honeycomb shown above is foundation: machine-stamped beeswax that beekeepers use to guide the bees where to build comb, traditionally in rectangular frames. Click through to the slideshow to see the finished product, after the bees have modified it and built up the comb from the foundation. Freshly built comb is almost white while well-used comb is dark brown to almost black. I still love the spiral and wonder if one would have to twist it the other way in Australia?
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