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Something I saw on the Discovery Channel as a blurb had me in stitches.
"And we were all celebrating, 'We're free, we're free!' .... 'Now what we gonna do?'"

Every time I consider quitting my crappy job I think of that clip.
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There was a speed boat designed once with the same concept. I'd appreciate anyone that can find it, if memory serves it used a flat bottom with vents cut to direct air beneath it at speed.
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It's clearly a device for lengthening ones penis. Moving from left to right, as you sacrifice girth you enhance length. It was used extensively in the 1870's in San Francisco.
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Well from the looks of it, the kid would be kinda..popped out rather than squished. I do think a very similar effect could be achieved purely mechanically. Still cool though, agreed about the charger and lights though. I think a stroller with motor assisted movement and an auto-follow feature would be cooler though ;)
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Hmm... pizza... Made primarily from grains, vegetables and milk protiens with the optional addition of protien based toppings. Seems legit enough.
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