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It's actually kinda sad. When I was working as a security guard many years ago I'd encounter homeless people purposefully trying to get arrested so they'd have shelter and food. Naturally they were too drunk/stoned/whatev for a shelter to take them.
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My favorite 'white powder' incident summed it up years ago for me. ~A security guard on-site at the mail sorting warehouse tasted it and determined it was simply powdered sugar that had leaked from a poorly wrapped box of donuts.~
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that's part of why the mandatory thing exists. the irs looks at the average tickets and such for a server and calculates an expected percentage so when you don't tip you actually cost them money, not just withhold it from them.
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Finaly! Proof that elephants were at one time an inteligent race that had to abandon the once pristine planet Mars and colonize the (at the time) unhibitable planet now known as Earth. I suspect it was made necessary by a runaway fusion reactor that devestated Mars' atmosphere.
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Given that it's paper, and the pressure that thing will use when it's activated if needed... seriously doubt it'd cause a problem, besides any fireman is going to check for rocks/etc in an open connection like that anyway.
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