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Ours are quite deep so I outfitted them with sliding drawers so you could actually get into them. It still requires a ladder, but it far less inconvenient that some other setups.
We use one side for gadgets and supplies we rarely use (the blender, my wife's huge water bottle collection, etc.).
The other side is long term storage of bulk basics with a long shelf life. Crackers, pasta, etc. When we run out of the read supply, we refresh from long term storage. When long term storage runs low, we stock up on more.
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I've had several close family members with dementia, including my Dad. While these villages may be better than a nursing home, having them at their homes is probably better yet. They will get lost and confused anywhere, but at least at home they're accessing existing memories of a place they are familiar with. Moving them somewhere new means trying to both build and access new memories. That's a lot harder.
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Royal Enfield made the WD/RE which was an air-dropped two stroke 125cc motorcycle of a more conventional design. Troops called it the "Flying Flea." They were generally sent in with airborne troops on gliders and were used to run dispatches and establish lines of communication. They were popular enough that Enfield made them for civilian use until 1950.
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Broadcast television doesn't have a pause button.
Broadcast doesn't but most digital systems do.
Also a lot of digital mediums as switching back to a weekly structure. The Mandalorian did on Disney+. Invincible comes out weekly on Amazon. It makes for better social interaction about the show.
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Whoever the engineers are, they don't understand aerodynamics very well. Airplanes take off and land into the wind. This lets them borrow airspeed from the local wind conditions. This means that runways are aligned with the dominant wind vectors at the airport. If you make the runways circular you can still only takeoff and land at two places on the circle set by wind conditions.
The only time this would be advantageous is if you build the airport on a site where the wind is highly variable. Even then, the air traffic control would be crazy.
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Good luck with that photographer. The picture was taken of them on private property without their permission, selling it likely violates their personality property rights under Missouri law.
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"Do genes control our height?"
Sure, genes control everything. As a more practical matter, significant changes in population height in the last century are almost always due to changes in nutrition not genetics. The most obvious place to look at this is Japan where increased meat and diary consumption in the postwar period has lead to the current population being inches taller than their parents and especially their grandparents.
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None because co-sleeping in this manner is fundamentally unsafe. Baby should not sleep in between two parents because the likelihood that baby gets accidentally smothered by them in the night is non-negligible.
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