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Mama Sea Lions typically leave their pups on the beach, alone, while they go in the water to hunt. This pup was most likely not lost or in any danger. Mom was probably waiting offshore for the people to leave before coming back to share her catch with her pup. They're sea lions. That's what they do.
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I identified with the tweet. I usually return the carts, but not always. I feel the struggle of laziness.
After reading these comments I feel like such a jerk. To you good people out there, I apologize.
I'll do better.

FWIW: I would never, ever, consider taking up two parking spaces, not flushing, or littering.
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My border collie would have broken the bread into three equal pieces and carried each one into her crate. Then she would have taken some of the Kirkland Food Wrap from above and wrapped up two of the pieces for later.
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