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In Crichton's "Congo", the claim was made that gorillas are deathly afraid of water, so much so that they will divert their migration path by a mile, rather than walk through a yard-wide stream of water.

All of that makes me wonder whether this is "love" or "stress response"?
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And just think...eventually he'll get to have made a snuff film.
[This is cute and all, but I wouldn't even agree to be the videographer, here.)
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Nahhh, I'm not fond of lollipops.

But at the Kogi food truck in Southern California, I had a chocolate/rice krispie/sriracha bar that was really, really good.
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I'm with John Farrier.
(And it's an effort to imagine getting a different answer, unless you assume that "opportunity cost" isn't well-understood.)
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As Miss C and ChrisFromFrance noted...it IS about labor costs.

It's not that you couldn't gather workers at odd hours and expect them to change an assembly line process, in the US. It's that it would be prohibitively expensive. Geez.
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Wow. An article purporting to be about female empowerment that is:
- paternalistic ("*THE* female fantasy"),
- full of strawmen (are there other movies that are targeted specifically at female experience, which are nonetheless appreciated by men? Obviously, yes. Even some including vampires, I'll guess, based on how much I appreciated some of the A. Rice Mayfair Witches /books/.)
- condescending (a quick look at the reviews suggests that people seem to dislike the bad dialog, bad acting, but she nonetheless blames it on failings of the viewers who don't share her views)
- hypocritical (so having eye-candy for men is absurd, but she'll gush over Robert P's looks?)
- revealing about her own past (the weird 'guys demanding oral sex in a high-school parking lot' tangent)

No, I hated the movie because it moved like a very slow train-wreck, to be sure to include enough religious propaganda...because the dialog was absurd and unrealistic...and *in spite* of some of the eye candy for men (and in spite of the supposed male-appealing violence).

I hated the movie because the acting was horrendous. (Well, not all of it. The "father" vampire actually does a fine job. And R.P. isn't a bad actor. And Bella's mother does a good job with bad lines.)

I hated the movie, but was disappointed (seeing it in Manila) to not hear one person in the theater express a hunger for diniguan afterwards.

(Now, I'm off to read everyone else's comments, to see how redundant I've been.)
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I'm not good at this, but by "realistic", I think he means that he tried to put someone's real head on the body of a Disney princess. It's not just Kim K. they all look familiar.
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When I go into a friend's house, I'm not automatically granted unfettered access, thereafter. But with new GestureKeys, it's 'see it, and you can get in!'.

So, the gesture could be the key, but you also will want authentication (e.g., a voice print) to ensure you're authorized to use *that* key. And once you have the authentication method, well...what's the use of the gesturekey, again?
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I don't know. It depends what you believe you're goal is to produce.

He's *not* really saying "be less productive" or "be less efficient". He's saying, "Define success on terms other than volume of output."
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I don't get it. I thought I did [those components can be used to construct the object whose name appears below]. So maybe I don't get the OP & baro's sense of humor?
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There are all sorts of announcements, proclamations, and comments, all of which put the focus on the listeners. (Even "I love you all" still keeps the listeners in as the grammatical object.)

And then the Texans get up there. And the thing they're happiest to say is "We're from Dallas, Texas", but obligated to say "and we love NY", which is more about how NY should appreciate the great great love of Texans. The audio could have been garbled when they said "Dallas, Texas", and I'd have still guessed they were from Texas.
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In the great circle of movie/reality/life, the actor that played Mr. Rooney actually *was* molesting children, right? So Ferris' sister was also right. And the Charlie Sheen character? Uhhh... Fact is, I think everyone in the movie was right. Including Ferris (though it took me a while to realize there was wisdom in saying "you have to let loose")
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Land the "twirl" on a mound, rather than flat ground, vonskippy...and then, without having to stop to regain your balance, throw it...it's impressive.

I doubt of most of us could spin around twice on the mound and throw it that accurately.
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