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My alma mater has a large unicycling contingent. (It's Harvey Mudd College, and I never did the unicycling thing).

Back in the '90s, I went for a bike ride with an old friend, and he was very excited about his Mt. Unicycling hobby...

...which tells me that this really is an engineer's sport, rather than an adrenaline-junkie's sport (despite appearances otherwise)
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Add me to the list of those who "don't get it".

I was looking for some phonetic phunny in the pastor's name. I don't see any.

I guess it's possible that the street sign has to lean over to get a better look?

Or perhaps it's that the fire, together with the motto, could look like the heatmiser: arms spread, head full of fire...as though the lamb of god himself was scaring you into attending?

Ehh...just not getting it.
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What I remember from my bike ride (RAGBRAI) across Iowa:

Clarinda was the home of Glenn Miller (?)
Falling asleep on the 40 yard line at the UNIDome
Seventh Day Adventists are vegetarians, and good to seek out in small towns.
It's really field corn, innit. The pigs are more noteworthy than the corn.
People are nice. But soda pop is called Coke. As in "honey, you want some Orange Coke?"
Maharishi University. As in, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. As in Lennon's "Sexy Sadie."
Field of Dreams
Really nice people. Worth mentioning again.
"Trash Can Lemonade"
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An anecdote:

My parents went to DC, and waited to see the SCOTUS in session. They'd been up for a while, and had to wait for a while, and my mother was nodding off in the viewing gallery.

The guard, or baliff, or whatever nudged her and said "you can't sleep here".

She pointed at Justice Thomas, and said "what about him?" He was asleep on the bench. (or, at least, his chin was down, and he hadn't moved for some time....they couldn't see his eyes)

I think the anecdote probably illustrates more why he doesn't ask questions, than anything else.
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