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I love the little milk teef. I keep imagining the photographer maybe finding these little teeth figurines at a yard sale or something and thinking, "hey, wait a minute..."

Plus, the photographs have a lovely mid-century feel to them. Reminds me of children's books from the 50s.
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My husband has been bowling like this for years. People kind of snicker when they see him do it for the first time, then they stop when he gets a strike. Can't wait to send this to him.
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Anything by LCD Soundsystem can break me out of a funk, usually.

I like "Feeling Good," they just used Buble's version on American Idol the other night.
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I really like this game. It didn't take long to get a system down to organize the pieces after the edges are done. I am up to 13x9 and not planning on stopping...

Is there any way to save your game so you don't have to replay when you go back?
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I had some extra origami paper on hand so I tried it with that. Fantastic! I always wanted to know how to make these bows.

I didn't have any of those brass reinforcement-thingys so I used a thumb tack until it was done, then stapled it. Works great, plus the point is sharp enough to go thru the paper without extra tearing.
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I agree, the City of Ember trailer looks amazing. Don't forget about BILL MURRAY as some kind of presidential figure. Carl Spackler as the president? It's bizarro world!
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