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Vandalism period. Im sick and tired of "artists" who think they have a right to do "art" with anything they want. Your idea or meaning you want to convey means nothing. Especially when you use other peoples stuff to make it.

I dont think artist is the right term for these people; I prefer douchebag.
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I dont get the moral outrage about this incident. Ive been tased volentaraly;it doesnt hurt.It basically just knocks you down. This would be wicked fun for a kid. Child abuse my ass. I can see how this went down:

Officer: Well we use these tasers blah blah blah
Kid:Can I try it?
Kid 2: Ohh Me too?
Kid 3 Me Too?
Officer: Umm I dont know
Parent: Sure why not.
Officer: Ok

Sounds like fun to me.
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@ kid_icarus - The Walking Dead is fantastic. I cant wait for the next volume to come out!

Ive heard of this comic, but havnt really looked into it. I may now after seeing a zombie Capt America. That kicks all kinds of awesome.
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It's really scary to think how close we (scientific community) came to never finding her. Just think of how many others have been found, but where seen as bad omens or bad luck and left to rot.

It is time to clone her and then breed her with a pig. I want a pot-bellied mammoth of my own!
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Did anyone else think it odd it took him 6 months to build that. I mean it’s cool and All but it’s not that big. Whole homes can be built in less time.

These things take a lot of fine tuning to get them to work just right. Seems about right for the size of it. Of course, that's if he really took his time with the details.
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Im a big papercraft fan and have numerous ones i have done on my desk. Here is the link to other great Star Wars papercrafts by the same designer. The At-St is a pain!


Check out cubeecraft.com too.
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This sorta happened to a good friend of mine. He had his door kicked in by SWAT looking for a Meth lab. Turns out the guy he had install his water heater noticed a bathroom in his house with "tubes and a weird smell". Sounds bad until you realize that he has about 10 reef tanks in his house and uses that bathroom for chemical storage and mixing for them. Here's a link to the news story:


This is very scary indeed!
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Thee only thing worse then undead hordes trying to eat your brain is undead hordes trying to eat your brain WHILE ON FIRE!

Wow seriously bad ideas in this tread. Max Brooks FTW.
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