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There is no substitute for proofreading. My company had been sending out manuals that had search/replaced every "unit" with "instrument" and ended up with "Instrumented States of America" on the last page.
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They missed a couple of good ones. There are people in the Andes that have evolved a greater lung capacity to deal with thinner air, and there are people in Tibet that have higher red blood cell counts that solve the same problem a different way. Dark skin is an advantage in sunny climates to protect from sunburn and skin cancer. Pale skin is an advantage in less-sunny climates (it absorbs more ultraviolet sunlight to make vitamin D).
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I have to tip, good service or not. Because restaurants don't pay servers minimum wage. Even expensive restaurants can pay a server $2.10 an hour. If I can't afford a tip, I don't go to the restaurant.
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I am the 2nd of five kids. I spent my childhood after the age of 10 doing chores, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, cooking, cleaning, and babysitting. But my mom got to have the big family she wanted.

This family makes enough money (thanks to reality TV) to feed them all. I wonder how other families in the cult are doing?
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Sorry for nitpicking, but they are Roma, not gypsies. "Gypsy" is a corruption of the word "Egyptian", which is where people in the Middle Ages guessed they were originally from. They originally came from India.
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This is horrifying. I guess if she fails to amputate a part of a finger, that means she admits to infidelity? I wonder what happens to her then.

"When men are oppressed, it's a tragedy; when women are oppressed, it's tradition". - Bernadette Mosala
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How is this supposed to be entertaining? You pay Disney a hell of a lot of money to get into Epcot to sit through insurance-company-backed propaganda? WTF?
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