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Problem is itunes IS the new label. Hopefully a more open and equitable market place will pop up to bypass itunes (which is better than the existing label system but still plenty cr*ppy).

Oh, and someone needs to tell The Oatmeal that no one goes looking for banjo music. Most people know when you hear banjos, it's time to start paddling... FAST!
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More people learned about the nation of South Sudan last night than the entire first year of its existance. Probably by an order of magnitude, if not two.
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Stubbs sounds great at first but how well do we know him?

For much of his live, Stubbs has had an addiction to catnip. All it takes to get him to rollover is a scratch under the chin and sources tell us that he licks his private areas in public sometimes even if front of children.

Stubbs is wrong for America and wrong for Alaska! Let's take back our socks and send Stubbs back to the litterbox.
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The redesign was bad but it was the "shut up, you'll get over it" attitude that did them in. Redesigns of any site end up upsetting some users and you can't please everyone but Digg couldn't tell the difference between the typical few who complain about any change and a huge uprising of influential users who had very legitimate gripes. Hopefully other companies will take Digg as an example of how not to handle customer push back.
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If they've made it out of the uncanny valley, they did it by climbing out the other side by being less realistic.

Wonder though how much variation there is in the general public for the width of the uncanny valley.
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What about the headlights of other cars? Would it be more dangerous to have all the rain suddenly reappear each time a car passes in the opposite direction?

Related question for everyone: does anyone else have trouble seeing lane markings on new roads during the rain? It seems like new pavement and striping material have the same reflectivity when wet. This only seems to be the case on newer roads but might also just be some quirk of my eyesight.
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It's fun video but I was surprised to see a lion and a tiger in the same enclosure. I know there have been cases of breeding between the two but I thought in general in these situations the tiger eventually kills the lion. Adding in a reason to be soccer hooligans certainly wouldn't help.
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Looks like this is about income rather than wealth. If you're born into the top group, you can live a very comfortable life by spending wealth rather than earning income. Of course your parents might not like that and insist that you don't but it is an option and might explain some of the lower income of adult children in the top group.

Is it possible to move up? Sure. I was born in the bottom 20% and have moved up to the second to the top group but I don't know many who went to the same terrible quality schools that made it too. Most still live in the same tiny town in Alabama making close to minimum wage either at the broom factory or as a general laborer. It doesn't look like any of their children are going to do better but hopefully at least a few do.

Of course none of this measures happiness. While I will say that people in my current economic level are happier than those I grew up with, there is still plenty of misery to go around. Instead of being upset at driving an eight year old car, they're upset about having a tv that isn't as large or as flat as what's currently popular.
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@Nick, that's why I can't stand to watch NBC's coverage of the Olympics, especially the opening ceremonies. Bob Costas must have the world's largest encyclopedia of negative things to say about other countries during the parade of nations. Glad I've rigged up BBC streaming for this year because otherwise I have to watch with the sound off.
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