When Big Kitties Go for the Goal

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When paper mache soccer balls are given to lions and tigers, adorability ensues. Need proof? Just watch the video.

Via I Can Has Cheezburger

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It's fun video but I was surprised to see a lion and a tiger in the same enclosure. I know there have been cases of breeding between the two but I thought in general in these situations the tiger eventually kills the lion. Adding in a reason to be soccer hooligans certainly wouldn't help.
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I don't know about their specific collection, but I know lions and tigers can be friends without killing one another -there's one place that has a lion, tiger and bear that were all confiscated from a drug dealer. They're all inseparable friends now.
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This facility is local to my area in FL...they are a professional company with trained staff, and you can tour there in a zoo-style setting. You can even pay extra to get a close-up photography tour. So basically: they know what they're doing when it comes to their enclosure occupants. This isn't just a cage in some rich idiot's back yard. Look up "Big Cat Rescue."
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I think I read that the lion and tiger were raise together? Or something like that before coming to the rescue facility so that's why they're kept together. And I think I read that they're fixed so no chance of them producing offspring.
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Cameron (the lion) and Zabu (the white tiger) were initially raised together by their original owner in order to breed a white liger. When Big Cat Rescue got them, they assessed their personalities and decided to keep them together, but they had Zabu spayed and Cameron got a vasectomy (neutered males lose their manes). Big Cat Rescue is a rescue group in Tampa that rescues big cats from private owners and roadside zoos and rehabs the occasional injured bobcat.

I've been on countless tours with BCR and considered volunteering for them. If you're ever in Tampa Florida, look them up.
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