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Last summer, a friend went on an extended trip to Vancouver. I sent him a towel, embroidered with ""HH 42 GG", via Greyhound Parcel Post.

He opened it in the bus station, and promptly went into an uncontrollable laughing fit. Even when he explained it to onlookers, they still didn't get it.

Last fall, he took the towel with him to Europe and to Newfoundland.

RIP Mr. Adams
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It was 1982, I think. Canada's new lottery, Lotto 6/49, was about to commence operations, and I was one of the first computer operators. I actually helped to physically move the computers into the Computer Room.

It was a bigger job than you might think. Each of the 3 DEC PDP-1170's was the size of 5 soda machines, cost over $1 million, and had an ENTIRE MEG of RAM!

The Hard Drives were the size of washing machines, and took a stack of seven 14" discs in a tiered platter. The drives held 750 Meg.

We ran 4 provinces worth of retailer terminals off this system...which is probably the source of my frustration with bloated code. If we could do so much with so little, why do modern programs have to be so huge?
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Wow, this is cool! Not only am I first to comment, but I was actually in Gimli from June 23 to 27, visiting an old friend.

Gimli has a wonderful beach, and is a fishing village. You can get fresh pickerel fillets for $5/lb. If you've never tried pickerel, it's one of the most succulent freshwater fish around. It's a great little town, and I always have a good time there....
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If you've never tried this, and there's no place that offers it in your area, there are options....

Most purists insist on using cheese curds, but in a pinch, grated mild cheddar will do. Just go to the nearest place that offers fries and gravy, and bring some grated cheddar in a bag with you. Toss it in and stir, or talk to the guy and see if he'll let you drop the cheese on the fries before he smothers them with gravy.

The secret is that the fries should be HOT, to melt the cheese, and if you can find a place that cuts their own potatoes into fries that's the best...even better if they fry them in peanut oil, but not many places do.
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