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My best friend asked me to go see this with her even though I had vowed not to see it, so I'll be seeing it tomorrow night.

I love Tim Burton but this remake looks like complete and utter crap. I loved the 1991 remake and even tried to watch some of the original (but it was so slow I just never could get into it).

I did catch the movie one night on TCM and I enjoyed it and Frid's portrayal of Barnabas. I had been looking forward to seeing what Johnny did with the role, but now I just want it to be done with. :(

Why Tim decided to make this a fish out of water story is beyond me. Barnabas would not have survived very long if he were not adaptable.
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I'm trying to figure it out. It's either she's on the beach and she's met a crab. It kinda freaks her out so she digs in the sand until she finds another crab and then builds them a Pyramid in the sand for them to live in.

Although that would be the Manga way of reading this.

The other way... well... she's just left the pyramid and she comes across an amoebic alien. She is an uber-goddess and pulls the sun from the sky to frighten the alien away.

I like them both.

I'd also like a Winter is Coming in 2XL if I win. Thanks guys! This was fun!
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This is, without a doubt, a Babel Fish Inserter. Some people are quite squeamish about having a Babel Fish just dig its way into the inner ear so this helps by inserting them just a bit quicker. Babel Fish do not particularly enjoy this machine, but they realize that sometimes it must be done for the greater good.

When Worlds Collide XXL :D
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This is a phaserphone. It has four settings - Stun, Kill, Sing-Along, and FABULOUS. For those times when you are performing onstage and being invaded at the same time. Kill or stun an alien invader before hitting Fabulous and blowing the aliens away with your voice AND a blast that will melt the room. No worries, Mom & Dad! Phaserphone comes complete with Blastshield technology which protects your little ones or anyone else you deem worthy. Buy yours today!

If I Only Had Some....Braaains in 2XL. Kthxbye! :D
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I think Bearskin could be done as an animated movie. The suggestion for Spike Jonze directed Ray Stevenson starring Bearskin might be genius.

I've always loved Allerleirauh (Deerskin) but the incestuous nature would be difficult for a Disney/Pixar or Dreamworks movie. I would LOVE to see it made into a movie though.

There are so many fairy tales that could easily be sanitized that Disney/Dreamworks could pull from. I'd love to see the Tinder Box made into an animated movie. Ooh! IRON JOHN. That would make an excellent movie.
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Ok, so... you make a dummy, right? Take it with you everywhere so that you can throw it at the zombies and they'll be distracted.

See, you start out with the that you stick inside of the Stuff some meat and Zombie Mints around the Inflatable brain so that it smells nice and gooey.

Then you get a shirt ( and stuff that and some sweatpants with anything to make it look vaguely human. Then, all you have to do is carry it around with you in: and when they approach, chuck the whole thing at the approaching zombies. :D

If I win I would like:
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Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. I haven't seen ALL of those, but I knew most of them by sight. I was waiting for the inclusion of Gene Kelly because it's not a tribute to movie dance without that marvelous man. This made me giggle like a little school girl.
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