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I often write to companies asking for product info and never know if the individual receiving my letter/email is a man or a woman so I start all of my letters to them:

Dear Sir or Madam,
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I could see a recovered addict coming back and suing the people involved in this project years from now when she regrets her decision.

But it seems like a good program. No child should be born addicted to crack.
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Alot of those "colored powders" they are throwing are industrial chemical dyes and are pretty nasty stuff that can cause blindness and contact dermititis.

Look at the wiki page for the "Holi Festival"
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I have always noticed that on all of his suits the joint where the arm armor meets the torso is just chain-mail.

I would think a grizzly bear biting down on your arm and thrashing around or a grizzly bear hitting you in the shoulder would break the arm armor away from the torso with your arm still inside it.

The only reason to follow this guy's experiments is in hope that someday we will get to watch A) him getting seriously injuried during an experiment and they will have to wash what is left of this liquidify body out of the suit with a garden hose or B) Watch a grizzly bear crack open his suit like a tin of sardines and maul him the way god intended.
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