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The one about the cup holder in the car shouldn't really be an issue. Since everyone in the UK sits on the right side to drive (the opposite of the article's author), we all have to use our left hand for whatever we need from the middle of the car. Cup, music player, temperature controls, etc. It would be the gear stick which you'd think would be much more of a problem, but it's not. You take lessons using that kind of car and just get used to things like that. Left AND right handed people can still use cutlery - one in each hand. Practice!
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10 pints of IPA on a Saturday night, but I have to order 2 at a time because of the time it takes each one to settle. That's English pints, which are 20% bigger than American pints :)
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It's a tricky one. The Cloverfield image would say you're wrong, while Aftermath would say I'm wrong, but in the end I looked at all the pictures, even where the raised arm is out of shot, and assumed that the arm was still higher than the head - for some reason the statue invariably tilts to the right (as we look at it), keeping the raised arm above the surface and... I really must stop analysing this so much. We're all doooooomed! :o)
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They got it wrong, it wasn't the Mayan end of the world, it was the end of mayonnaise. And we're not going to Hell, it's Hellman's. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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Although if you are in stuck New York, your best chance of survival (though not guaranteed) seems to be to climb up on the statue's torch. At the very least, you'll have a great view and can take some quality pics for Facebook while the world is annihilated around you.
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My guess is that the first one into the bunker closes the door and locks everyone else out. Now they have food and water for MANY years, and no other inhabitants to freak out on them after 2 days without internet access :o)
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