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Everyday Tasks That Are Tricky For Left Handers

For me growing up left-handed meant remaining adaptable and constantly improving my ambidexterity, because it was often easier to learn how to do things the right-handed way before trying it with my left.

I've also learned a few tricks to keep tasks from being so annoying, like filling a notebook up backwards to avoid smearing and keep the rings out of your way, and sitting on the left of people at the dinner table to avoid knocking elbows.

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But there are plenty of other lefty problems that are still annoying, like the fact that most scissors are made for righties so they hurt my hand when I use them, and manual can openers can be a real pain to use too. Too bad there isn't a Leftorium in my town...

See 11 Everyday Tasks That Are Tricky For Left Handers at Mental Floss

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The one about the cup holder in the car shouldn't really be an issue. Since everyone in the UK sits on the right side to drive (the opposite of the article's author), we all have to use our left hand for whatever we need from the middle of the car. Cup, music player, temperature controls, etc. It would be the gear stick which you'd think would be much more of a problem, but it's not. You take lessons using that kind of car and just get used to things like that. Left AND right handed people can still use cutlery - one in each hand. Practice!
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Scissors are really not a problem except for those horrid "ergonomic" ones. I do many things right handed: bat, golf, kick a ball, deal cards. Using pencil sharpeners and fishing reels came fairly easy. When I was in the Army, gas mask canisters were on the left making for some issues when having to fire a rifle. Speaking of....the empty shells ejected to the right plinking off of my helmet. Fortunately my early teachers did not have me writing with my left hand doing a very unnatural twist, just a mirror image of the way righties wrote.
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When I was a kid, I thought being left-handed was the coolest. I spent hours upon hours trying to train my left hand to write and do all the other things that we do with our hands. Sadly, I am apparently one of those people who has a right-handed gene, and I had no luck at all. I have two left-handed grandsons, though.
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