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The history of madness is an interesting topic. It's helpful to see the mechanisms of power that were in place at the time madness was constructed to be abnormal.
Madness and non madness, reason and non reason once shared equal power.

I'm sure that given enough time, we will eventually realise that the norms we live by today are just another form of madness. But that will only happen if we can avoid destroying ourselves in the name of reasoned rational thought, for example (with a nuclear holocaust).
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It seems the wikipedia "Autism rights movement" page would be an eye-opener to people commenting here. Or maybe type "autism rights" into your search engine to enlighten yourselves.

I have friends in the Autism anti-cure movement, I fully support them in their fight for acceptance for who they are. The more neurodiversity in society the better.
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There is a constant flow of hypothesized causes of Autism, that given time, end up in the dustbin of fail with all the other guess's. What a gravy train research is for the researchers.
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This family needs to be re-socialised so they feel shame and quilt for not contributing our capitalist system. There is only one way for humanity to live and that is the capitalist way. Everyone must work, consume, be happy and normal. It's the way nature intended life to be.
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MRI scans?

One example, MRI scans have shown people with left wing political preferences have brains that function differently to right wing types. So does this demonstrate an abnormality? No, just a preference. It takes ideology to turn a preference into an abnormality.

Then there are MRI scans of patients that have been taking toxic medication that have suffered structural brain damage. All these scans show is that medication damages the brain.

There are plenty of alternatives to psychiatry than scientology. Blah Blah Blah.......
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Given the lack of any lesion for any so-called mental illness, combined with the study of human behavioral archeology, it is very difficult to see how psychiatry can be viewed as anything else but ideology (a social control mechanism).
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I live in the southern zone of Australia. Every report I've read on climate change states southern Australia will become hotter and dryer and northern Australia will become wetter. Right now, the south suffering heatwaves and is in drought and the north is experiencing floods.
Australia is a big country.
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The idea of wearing light weight long sleeves in summer is to reduce your chances of getting sunburnt and developing skin cancer.
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I live near fruit orchards in Australia. Every year native birds will eat the fruit, so the growers cover the trees with bird net. The net is tax deductible. This bloke should shut his face, stop whinging and buy the nets.
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