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It's the new and improved Tripe Strike Bowling Ball Stand - just put a rug underneath and it'll tie the whole room together. The Dude approves.

Thundera Battle Club, Ladies Fit M, please (:
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That reminds me - in Germany, you flash you hazard lights if you want to signal someone that you'll let them in or yield the right of way. In Italy, on the other hand, flashing your hazard lights at an intersection means "Look out - here I come!" Hilarity ensues when you mix those up.

No, really: Never let your Italian boyfriend drive your car in Germany.
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First I didn't know why it all seemed so achingly familiar... Then I realized: It looks a lot like East Germany used to! The general lack of color in the cityscapes and the clothes of people, the style of the apartment complexes, monuments and buses, the overall atmosphere of order and "we're content with what we have"… Aw man, that's creepy. Takes one to know one, I guess.

(I was just flabbergasted at the end that DHL seems to cater to North Korea. Wonder how in the world they accomplished that…)
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Toad The Wet Sprocket, anyone?

//There's an old Virginian vibraphone
With a calculated gait
And a man who thinks he's Al Capone
With a cummerbund and cape

Don't criticize what a vicar would prize in you
And talk to the man if you feel he needs talking to
And the hobbit on the rocks is crying
And the fish upon the docks are dying
With the grunion in the sand entwining...//

It's quite a beautiful song, mind you.
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"I've got your gun right here", she said from the dark alley that, in his panic, he'd almost have run past.
"But I wouldn't recommend using it." she lectured as he stopped beside her, wheezing, as the abomination scraped and groaned outside the tiny walkway. "You really wanna have it steamrolling through the streets?
"No," she continued, curiously watching the diamond-toothed thing with a furrowed brow. "I reckon the way to go is more balloons."
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It's a shovel for encouraging five-year-olds to help with gardening. "Ye're an excavator, Harry. Now dig me a hole."

BraveStarr, Ladies fit M, please (:
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It's a heavy duty stapler. It dispenses all its staples with only one big bash on the table.

You know, for those times when you have to staple all your tax forms for the last 31,415 years at the same time.


BraveStarr, Ladies' Fit M, please
(Aaand now you're hearing the theme, aren't you…)
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