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I noticed that one immediately too! I think it's a wink to the past.

When the UK reigned over what is now the US. (Think about it; York, UK and NEW York, USA for instance) Therefor USA could be regarded as UK #2. And it's relevant now, because the Olympics are being held in the UK.

As I said I'm only speculating here, but it sounds fairly reasonable.
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As a native Dutchman I found it pretty amusing reading a somewhat Dutch (Flemish is a Dutch dialect, spoken in Belgium) post title. And a mild expletive at that. Kudos.
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Of course it cóuld be possible. I, on the other hand suspect the more obvious explanation of ancient greek marble statues with exaggerated muscles. Also, the movie is called Prometheus...which finds its origin in that era as well
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Okay, I did some research and it seems we're both right.

To the Dutch it will always be his original name (Mondriaan), but he changed it to Mondrian when he went to Paris between 1905-1907 (most likely becáuse of the pronounciation).

Sorry if I came off a bit strong :) At least I've learned something new today.
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Ah! Thank you. (At least that won't keep me up all night now (; )

At first I thought it was 'The Color of Money' or something like that, but the description said á color, so 'color' itself wouldn't be right anyway.
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These are the answers, apart from the money one:

Snow White
The Pink Panther
The Hunt For Red October
Porco Rosso
A Clockwork Orange
Yellow Submarine
The Green Mile
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
The Blues Brothers
The Color Purple
The Grey
Black Swan
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