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How about the curious phenomenon of people who came here from somewhere else being so outrageously hostile toward people who came here from somewhere else?
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Some of the comments here remind of how grateful I am to have attended a public high school with the balls to offer an elective course on the bible as literature.
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How is having a bible in a hotel room "exclusionist" to non-Christians? Does it emit some kind of Hindu repelling force field? It's just a book made available to those who wish to read it. No one is being forced to read it or live by the doctrines derived from it.

How come I don't feel excluded by a seeing a portrait of the Sikh gurus when I go to an Indian restaurant?
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When I got an email from a would-be scammer asking me for my phone number so her lawyer could call me to arrange for the money transfer I sent her the number of the local FBI office. Whoa, that made her mad! She was very indignant about not being able to get a decent paying job in spite of having a degree.
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Now will motorists understand why I insist on using the road and quit screaming at me to "GET ON THE SIDEWALK"?

People may resent me going 15 mph on roads where there is no posted minimum speed but I'm sure hell not comfortable riding on the sidewalk at that speed, and I'm very sorry but I am not willing to ride 5 mph on the sidewalk and make my 20 minute trip take an hour.
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If we're going to eventually want to manufacture stuff in space wouldn't accumulating old satellites and other equipment in a an orbiting "junkyard" for later recycling be more practical than mining asteroids?
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