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That was freakin weird.

On another note,am I the only one that does not find Angelina Jolie attractive? I'm not putting her down, but I don't get the attraction.
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I don't buy into that "dogs mouth is cleaner" nonsense. People don't raid cat litter boxes, or clean our anus and genitals with our tongues. But still, if your choice boils down to the germ factor, choose kissing. At least your mouth has a chance of fighting off germs and bacteria. If the dogs bite breaks the skin all kinds of nasty stuff could be introduced to your blood stream.
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Yeah, accident park, traction park. The alpine slide was a good place to lose half of your skin to road rash. I had a bunch of friends who worked there, and they were usually drunk or stoned the whole day. Nothing like hiring teenagers, not really training them, and letting them run the place.Can't believe that place was open so long.
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I know what you mean,ShyWarrior. I've worked with people who cannot grasp the concept that we didn't have cell phones and the internet in the eighties. I listened to records as a child, and did not own CD's until the mid nineties. It still pains me to hear people thought the Titanic was only in a movie. Where did these people grow up?
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